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1. An early peek at Go modules.(20 July 2018)
In this article, we add versioning to a go package while working outside of GOPATH.
We take a peek into the future of developing in Go, we stumble and we rise.

2. Migrating a python application to AWS lambda as is; without code change.(02 June 2018)
In this article, we will go through an example of how to migrate a python application to AWS lambda.
We will not make any code changes(or re-architect it) to our app in order to migrate it.

3. Exploring consensus via python.(24 Mar 2018)
How do you get different computers that are part of a larger cluster to agree on what the value of something is?
We try and answer that question.
We also learn about, CASPaxos, the consensus protocol.

4. Go Garbage collector and Large maps with pointers.(25 Jan 2018)
I'm left wondering, shouldn't the Go runtime then not do it for me/you by default?
Anytime the runtime sees a map that is larger than X and the keys to that map contains pointers,
the runtime inlines(for lack of a better term) that map into one whose keys are ints(or whatever) and does the string->ints hashing for you without you even noticing.