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Komu Wairagu.
Is a software developer currently shipping/breaking stuff at Tyk.
Prior to that he was doing the same at Jumo.

He loves reggae music, message queues and pineapples in no particular order.

A few years back, The University of Nairobi made the honest mistake of awarding him a Bsc degree in Electrical & Electronic engineering.
But he still doesn't know how many electrical engineers it takes to change a light bulb.

He is also a Mandela Washington fellow; google is your friend here.

He sometimes blogs over here.

Some of the open source projects he has worked on are:

ong: an opinionated Go http toolkit
meli: a faster, smaller alternative to docker-compose
yuyuid: Go uuid library
sewer: LetsEncrypt client
kshaka: an implementation of the CASPaxos consensus protocol.
zakah: a client library for Safaricom's Mpesa API.
naz: an async SMPP client.

Some of the other places he can be found online are:

The opinions expressed on this site (and elsewhere online) do not necessarily represent those of his employer, family or his dog.